Higher Ground Leadership ®

hgl-coach_logo“Leaders are being called upon to shift the values and cultures of organizations to create institutions of innovation and creativity. Only leaders who are inspired themselves know how to inspire others, who then inspire others, are the leaders of the future and have the ability to create catalytic change.” –  Dr. Lance Secretan

Value based leadership is built upon the CASTLE® principles. The acronym CASTLE® stands for Courage, Authenticity, Service, Truthfulness, Love, and Effectiveness. When exhibited in leadership practices, they create transformational change in organizations creating cultures that inspire innovation, creativity, commitment and growth.


  • Effective coaching significantly improves ROI
  • Improved employee satisfaction and engagement
  • An effective leadership coaching model that produces Higher Ground Leaders® capable of creating inspiring organizations
  • Improved communication, collaboration and teamwork; barriers are re-moved which leads to a conversation between peers, grounded in a pure intention of helping each other to grow
  • Better decision making; More creativity and innovative problem solving
  • Significantly improve employee engagement affects the bottom line

Higher Ground Leadership® Assessment Tools

  • CASTLE® Organizational Survey measures the current level of inspiration among employees and the degree to which teams and organizations are striving and succeeding in creating inspiring environments.
  • Vector Personal Leadership Survey provides a unique window into the leadership of individuals, and the relationship between leaders and others.
  • Vector 360 Leadership Survey measures how we accomplish the six characteristics of Values-centered Leadership®